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Q. What is the RMP for polishing pads ?


Most wet granite polishing pads are designed to operate on machines with a maximum of 4,500 RPMs. Dry pads should operate at 2,500 to 3,000 RPMs. In the case of marble, the optimum polish should occur between 2,000 and 2,500 RPMs. This may vary depending on the manufacturer of the pads. When used on grinders, which normally operate between 9,000 and 15,000 RPMs, the pads will glaze and the optimum polish will not occur.


Q. How to get antique look surface by polishing brush ?


First, do the pretreatment before polishing. Such as buring the slabs, precess the granite slabs by high pressure water. Secondly, polish the slabs by silicon carbide abrasive brush. To get a common surface, 36#, 60#, 120# are enough. To get a perfect surface, pls polish the slab until 500#.


Q. How to get leather surface by diamond brush ?


It is uncessary to do the pretreatment before the polishing. Just begin with 36# diamond brush, then 60#, 120#, 240#. To get a perfect leather surface, 320# 500# are needed.


Q: Can I cut any material with a diamond blade ? 


A: Yes, but not with one blade. There are numerous types of diamond blade, each designed to cut different kinds of material. If the right blade is selected there shouldn’t be any problems.


Q. Should I use a guard with my diamond blade? 

A. Yes. Its extremely important to ensure you guard the diamond blade correctly at all times. For dust free cutting use a dust guard.


Q. When should I use a continuous rim blade as opposed to a segmented blade ? 

A. Continuous rim blades offer fast and more precise cutting. These blade are a lot more effective when cutting fragile materials such as roof tiles, as the tile is far less likely to break due to the reduced vibrations.


Q. Should the diamond blade be mounted in any particular way ?

A. Yes, the blade should have an arrow on its core (the steel middle of the blade), this arrow should always follow the direction of rotation. If the blade has already been used, this arrow may have worn away.In circumstances like this the direction of rotation may be identified by inspecting the segments. A close look at the diamonds within the segments will show that the diamonds have what resembles a comet tail to one side.The blade should be mounted so that the diamond always leads the comet tail when rotating.


Q. Is it better to cut deep or shallow? 

A. Shallow cuts result in faster cutting speed and a longer disc life. Deep cutting (single cut) leads to slow cutting speed and a shorter life or possibly to disc overload.

Q. How fast should the feed rate be? 

A. Don’t push hard, let the blade and the weight of the tool do the work

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