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Hot Words: wire saw , segment , saw blade , diamond polishing and grinding tools , machinery , stone , spare parts of stone
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Welcome to the consultation. Here you will find the answer to the frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, you can leave a message for us!
1. what should we do if your product doesn't work properly?
If the product is not our normal operation, first of all, please check whether the correct installation? Please check whether there is the problem with the machine? Third is your workers if they were operating machine is correct. After the negation of these possibilities, this is our problem. In this case, please refer to your technical staff to guide the operation of the machine. It continues to run, according to the experience of our products you uninstall or change other manufacturers products.
2. what is the minimum quantity we want to buy?
For sample purposes, we don't mind how much you buy. We'll send samples by express
3. do you have an office or representative or agent in our country?
Our offices or agents are in Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Australia, Spain, Switzerland and so on
4. how long will you ship if we pay?
It depends on the order quantity, as usual, to receive payment within a week of shipment. Such as bulk orders or mixed batch of special orders (such as large orders or not standardized, it might take more time). When he is in the order we will let customers know how many days (probably).
5., I know many companies offer free samples, you provide free samples?
We don't provide free samples. According to our years of experience, we think that when people pay for the samples they will appreciate what they get. Although the sample fee is small, the cost is higher than the normal production
6. I didn't see the price of the product on your website. Can you tell me why?
Because we are worried about a wide range of products of different sizes, we don't have the price list on our website. We usually quote in accordance with the products offered by our customers!
7. how long can our product arrive?
With diamond tools, we will always goods by air, but also through shipping, depending on the requirements of customers. As usual, by air takes about 5-10 days from the date of shipment the goods arrive at the destination airport. Shipping takes about 30 days, if customers are in urgent need of the goods, do not recommend the use of this mode of transport. At the same time, we can express delivery, but the cost is very high. The stone products orders goods must influence and container shipping.
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